Our insight is led by data, the true voice of your customers.

We are an eCommerce marketing agency that specialises in connecting businesses to their target audience through data. We will show you how to grow your audience and then convert them into buying customers.

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UI/UX Audits

Your site’s overall usability and visual interface are the foundation of your online business. Poor UI/UX design will frustrate users, good UI/UX design will engage them. The goal is to pave a simple but slick path to purchase, and we will show you how. Transform your customer interactions and make them count.

SEO Audits

Building a strong online presence will always matter. Our SEO and content strategies will be tailored to your industry and specially designed to grow your brand. The results? Increased traffic, quality leads, and higher conversion rates. A website with high organic traffic is the gift that keeps on giving.

PPC Audits

We run paid media campaigns across all major platforms, including Google Ads, Amazon Ads, and Facebook Ads. Using creative insight and intelligent PPC strategies, our campaigns will drive targeted traffic directly to your website. In other words, ready-to-buy customers will be brought straight to your doorstep.

When Your Customers Talk, We Listen

UX Experts

“Data-driven” is a bit of a marketing buzzword nowadays, but very few agencies truly connect analytics to action. Trafiki is in the minority that do.

Your customers speak through data; their needs, wants and expectations are hidden within how they interact with your site. That’s why our team of UX specialists will monitor your customer’s online behaviour, and then use this user research data to directly inform their strategy.

Remember, a stellar PPC and/or SEO campaign that generates targeted traffic means nothing if your site is not designed to convert your audience. What’s the point in getting found on search if the user clicks off after being frustrated by your checkout flow?

Most eCommerce agencies will simply offer to build your online presence without helping you capitalise on the traffic generated. By also addressing your user experience issues, we will help you create a site that actually motivates customers to make purchases.

Our UX Audit: Understand Your Users

Whether you know it or not, your site has usability issues that are creating a barrier between your eCommerce business and many more conversions. Our UX audit can lift this barrier. Following a surgical analysis of your website, our team of UX specialists will identify usability problems and create conversion-focused solutions that address them. You will receive an in-depth report that covers all aspects of your site’s user experience, including:

On-site Search
Product Feeds
The Checkout Process
The Checkout Process

Website Navigation

On-site Search

Product Feeds

The Checkout Process

Mobile UX

55% of websites are currently not conducting user testing. Our UX audit is your chance to STAND OUT from the crowd.

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