Amazon Shopping

Fierce competition demands the right approach to get a product noticed. Ensuring high conversion rates promotes a cycle of success.

Amazon Shopping
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Amazon Shopping Optimiasation

Maximum ROI

To boost sales in the digital marketplace, today’s companies cannot afford to ignore Amazon Shopping. Increasingly, this powerful e-commerce channel provides a higher return on ad spend than Google.

As a global leader, Amazon’s credentials and selling power are well established; currently (2019), there are more than 310 million active users. However, fierce competition demands the right approach to get a product noticed. Tapping into Amazon via social media helps, as does positive supplier and product feedback.

Accurate, Relevant Information

For maximum results, customers need accurate, relevant information without noise from competitors and distractions from similar products. Ensuring high conversion rates promotes a cycle of success: when consumers follow through on purchases (even when there are alternatives), the page ranking tends to increase. Conversely, click-through on Amazon pages that does not result in sales tends to detract from the page’s overall ranking. Thus, some initial investment in e-commerce product marketing and the configuration of an online store is highly recommended.

Additionally, shortened user journeys and single clicks with direct links from product pages to shopping carts will benefit sales prospect to customer conversion rates, as well as repeat business. In parallel, a business should aim to maximise order value and make use of Amazon’s engaging user experience and product ratings system to best advantage. Compelling content, eye-catching product showcases and powerful Amazon functionality should attract customers and increase sales. For outstanding Amazon-only targeted content, contact our expert e-commerce team at Trafiki today.

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