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Successful CRO involves a complete understanding of the customer journey and a streamlined funnel to encourage more conversions

Conversion Rate Optimisation
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CRO (conversion rate optimisation) aims to increase the proportion of website visitors that becomes new customers – or follows the desired objective of the web page. An awareness of CRO is essential as, well implemented, it will lower customer acquisition costs, raise average revenue per visitor and grow the business concerned.

To calculate a site conversion rate, we take the number of times that users complete a goal and divide it by the total number of sessions or site visits. Instead of an industry-wide average landing page conversion rate of around 2.4 per cent, top-performing pages are capable of converting 5 per cent or even more of their visitors.

CRO Methodologies

Successful CRO involves a complete understanding of the customer journey and a streamlined funnel to encourage more conversions, i.e. transform traffic into sales leads and generate repeat business. Here at Trafiki Digital Marketing, we aim to increase your ROI and boost your profits by improving the conversion performance of your e-commerce website. To achieve these objectives, we follow a data-led approach and a choice of methodologies to optimise the customer experience.

Typically, opportunities for growth encompass keyword and text ad optimisation, trying out new bidding strategies and keyword mining using search query report (SQR) analysis. Additionally, catering to varying customer profiles and tailoring the online store visitor experience usually deliver excellent results. Here, the aim is to provide different versions of a page (or its blocks and elements) to different audience segments, based on observed behavioural or profile cues.

Split Testing

Getting the customer journey right is, in many cases, a proven way to bolster sales. In an e-commerce store, using the split test technique makes the testing of modifications and new concepts straightforward. Apart from different versions of page blocks and content, for instance, a client might receive an alternatively worded call-to-action text or new options, buttons, captions and colours.

Significantly, it is possible to try out any changes in a test environment before launching them live, thus avoiding mistakes with major design decisions. Then, after any changes have gone live, our software captures customer behaviour and page performance information to provide CRO insights. Naturally, we check for correct operation and suggest refinements or fine-tuning as and when appropriate.

In particular, when visiting a new online store, potential customers usually notice timely page performance, excellent functionality and delay-free checkout. We work to secure these critical qualities in your e-commerce operation.

A-B Testing

Similar to split testing, A-B testing offers alternative pages instead of differing elements. This option is particularly suitable when a business wishes to try out different design choices or a particular sales offer for certain visitor profiles. When personalising the UX (user experience), for instance, you may decide to make the customer journey more efficient or rapid for regular and repeat clients.

Multivariate Testing

In e-commerce, multivariate or MVT testing allows the evaluation of multiple elements simultaneously, i.e. on the same page. You might opt for MVT testing to compare proposed changes for headlines, fonts, buttons and colours, among other site elements.

To assess the results, we capture full detail on page element performance to see which parts of your e-commerce operation are yielding the best results. In parallel, the flexible, in-depth reporting system will also identify any aspects that might require further attention. Overall, this modern and comprehensive methodology saves time and effort, while minimising unnecessary re-design work.

Funnel Optimisation

Here, the symbolic idea of a funnel refers to how new prospects move through towards a sales transaction, in this case within an online store. When optimising this business process, our experts will analyse the customer journey and the subsequent effects of changes. In other words, the approach is a holistic way to consider possible changes and to check the results at every stage, ensuring that interactions do not cause a negative impact further ahead in the chain of events.

When e-commerce businesses employ this funnel-based transactional analysis technique as fully as possible, they can be confident of an enhanced ROI. Notably, there are usually fewer errors and more efficient use of developer time. Crucially, site architecture changes replicate correctly throughout the whole customer experience.

In summary, CRO funnel optimisation involves assessing the website from its initial landing page through to the final stages of a prospect to customer conversion.

Lead Generation & Checkout Optimisation

Lead generation forms are particularly useful for B2B services and often involve establishing contact with qualified and targeted audiences to provide information without hard selling.

Checkout Optimisation

CRO extends to e-commerce checkouts, where we ensure that there are no sticking points to deter intending customers. Additionally, we check for underused options that could boost performance, while also analysing possible cart abandonment and – where necessary – bringing about a measurable reduction.

During checkout optimisation, a combination of MVT and split testing methods allows different checkout page models and version testing. Here, the aim is to improve transaction speed while maintaining accuracy.

User Testing

As the name suggests, this in-depth assessment examines creative and technical performance through the eyes of site visitors. Enhancements to usability will reduce bounce rates and click-through. During this testing, we consider the overall user experience and focus on clear architecture, fast-loading pages and accurate, relevant information.

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