Google Shopping

To power businesses in today’s digital marketing arena, Google Shopping is essential.

Google Shopping

The definitive guide to Google’s free shopping ads. Read more here.

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To power businesses in today’s digital marketing arena, Google Shopping is essential. At the core of your e-commerce operation and well configured, it enables you to push ahead of the competition and achieve significant returns.

But how can a time-pressed business get to grips with product classification and alignment, with keyword management and title optimisation too? If you seek maximum ROI and want to focus your time on core business activities then our specialists can help. Our team will develop a strategy fully tailored to your company’s goals through our paid and organic Google Shopping services.

Paid Shopping Campaigns

Trafiki E-commerce Marketing has extensive experience in creating and managing highly profitable Google Shopping campaigns for a range of clients, from local businesses looking to expand online, right the way through to large and established online retailers.

Our campaigns will serve ads to potential customers across Google and around the web by promoting your online and local inventory. We will work with you to devise a long-term Google Shopping strategy and will agree upon a target ROI to ensure your campaigns are profitable from month one. Campaigns will boost traffic to your website or local store, drive better-qualified leads and convert sales and revenue to meet and exceed your goals.

Organic Google Shopping

Otherwise known as ‘free Google product listings’ or ‘unpaid product results on surfaces across Google’. You must meet one of two criteria in order to qualify for Google’s free product listings:

  • If your website uses structured data markup then your products will automatically show on surfaces across Google. You can, however, opt-out at any time.
  • If you set up a Google Merchant Center account and submit a shopping feed. You can also opt-in to ‘local surfaces across Google’ if your store has a physical presence.

Start Your Online Strategy

We can assist you in getting your e-commerce website and products ready for free listings, through to setting up your Google Merchant Centre and creating your shopping feed. To leverage the best results in terms of high-quality traffic, leads and sales, we can also offer a product inventory optimisation service. This involves analysing your product attributes, such as your product titles and descriptions, then providing edited values that conform to Google’s best-practices and guarantee increased engagement.

Contact us today to request a Google Shopping audit, or to start planning your online retail marketing strategy.

End-to-end Solution Ensures Your Profits Are the Priority

Recent changes in search engine algorithms mean that the best results come from focussing not just on keywords, but also on themes, together with meaningful and relevant text content. In parallel, display advertising will boost brand awareness before potential customers even start searching, thanks to high coverage. With Google Shopping Ads to promote your products and services, qualified leads will visit your site because they want to discover more.

Our end-to-end solution ensures your profits are the priority.
With Trafiki, the expert team of pay-per-click (PPC) specialists will ensure that the Google Shopping service you receive includes:

Set-up and fine-tuning

Set-up and fine-tuning of your Merchant Centre and AdWords accounts. Using the Merchant Centre allows you to upload listings in bulk to boost accuracy, save time and target customer profiles with ease. Also, your site ranking benefits from up-to-date pricing and stock levels, thanks to daily validation

Configuration of your shopping data feed

Configuration of your shopping data feed to increase sales. Along with extensive keyword research, this level of automation is essential for success.

Product segmentation by category

Once configured correctly, there should be less need to delve into the minutiae of ad groups during campaigns.

Campaign tracking & reporting

Campaign tracking and granular reporting down to SKU and item level.

Ongoing bid optimisation

Ongoing bid optimisation to focus advertising budget on the most effective results and ensure maximum ROI.

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