42% More Sales & 69% More Revenue

On-Site Changes & a Re-imagined PPC Strategy Help to Increase Revenue for COREZONE Sports

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) combined with a new, more aggressive e-commerce PPC strategy results in +42% more sales and +69% more revenue for fitness and health retail client.

COREZONE Sports experienced high growth in sales and revenue over a 36-day period, with a supplementary +28% increase in Average-Order-Value.

About COREZONE Sports

Several years ago, COREZONE noticed a gap in the market and a high demand for long-lasting and high-quality fitness equipment and accessories. It now offers an array of fitness products online, from trigger-point foam rollers to compact resistance bands, at affordable prices.

COREZONE is an online-only retailer, so devising and maintaining an effective online marketing strategy has always been crucial to their long-term success.

A challenge to dominate Google and Bing search engines in a notoriously competitive industry

Without taking to Google, you already know several go-to options for purchasing at-home fitness and gym equipment. Amazon and eBay have had a monopoly on workout accessories, offering a service and products that many independent retailers struggle to compete with: guaranteed delivery time frames, in-depth customer reviews, extremely low prices and never-ending product options to suit even the most demanding consumer. Over the last two years, Amazon’s Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands have been consistently outperforming Google Shopping ads. In fact, they convert at more than three times the rate of Google Shopping ads. As a retail website, the expected conversion rate on product detail pages is around 15%, 3 – 5x that of other e-commerce sites.

Taking the potential challenges into account, we acquired the client’s active PPC accounts feeling confident that we could further enhance results and help COREZONE to profitably scale their business. Our main goals were to dominate shopping results for priority products and to drive up conversion rates to levels reaching the main online retail giants.

We set about analysing past performance, outlining best-sellers, highest revenue-drivers and low-performers to start working on an online marketing strategy that would result in maximised ROAS for our client. This product-centric groundwork allowed us to efficiently optimise their shopping feed and structure their Shopping campaigns, while keeping COREZONE’s stock levels and product lead times in mind.


The below results are PPC last-click attribution only:

First-click vs. last-click attribution over this period shows a 70% increase in revenue when analysing data using first-click attribution. Taking this into account, and acknowledging that the client’s Shopify website was attracting low levels of traffic prior to their PPC restructure, we can confidently account for the impressive uplift in results for Organic and Direct traffic.

+42% (1,956 vs. 1,380)
+69% (£56,240 vs. £33,182)
+241% (£11,005 vs. £3,230)
(Return-on-Ad-Spend): £5.11
+51% (£45,235 vs. £29,952)

Site-wide results

+36% (1,829 to 2,486)
+64% (£44,973.50 to £73,642.32)
+431% (£11,792 to £62,637)
+20% ( £24.59 to £29.62)


Our approach involved focusing on on-site Conversion Rate Optimisations (CRO), using buy-to-detail rate as a measurable KPI, and carrying out a full-scale shopping feed audit and optimisation plan of action to boost Shopping performance.

  • Optimised product attributes both on-site and directly within the shopping feed using ‘find and replace’ rules. We enriched titles with USPs including the most sought after and frequently searched qualities of each product, for example: ‘anti-burst swiss fitness ball, up to 2000lbs, pump included’.
  • Launched Shopping campaigns on Bing (Microsoft Advertising).
  • Top-sales and traffic-driving products were moved over into separate Smart Shopping campaigns. This promoted performance from slower performing products that were being starved of budget.
  • We encouraged our client to harvest positive customer reviews on-site – the best-selling items had the most positive reviews.
  • Sought ways to increase the AOV – our client was able to add more multi-pack options, the client highlighted their free delivery threshold: ‘Free Delivery Over £50’.

Are you efficiently optimising your website and your Shopping feed?

Online retailers will achieve the best results when both on-site improvements and comprehensive shopping feed improvements are implemented. It can be challenging to identify conversion-hindering issues – what changes should be prioritised and carried out, and how to measure CRO success.

If you are an e-commerce retailer, seeking ways to effectively grow your online revenue and sales, then Trafiki E-commerce Marketing can help by offering an in-depth website and shopping feed audit. We can also advise retailers without preexisting shopping feeds on how to launch results-guaranteed shopping feeds and campaigns across Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook and Instagram Ads and Amazon Ads.

If you would like to request an audit or proposal, book a call with one of our experts or call our team on 0203 411 2680.

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