eCommerce conversion rate up 132% vs. the previous period

The Importance of a Quality eCommerce Website: London Encaustic

In this case study, we show you why you need to invest in a high-quality e-commerce website if you want your online store to reach its full sales and revenue potential

Why did London Encaustic need a new website?

This client had a great range of products and strong branding, but their website was letting them down somewhat. We were running their digital marketing strategy, and while it successfully generated them a positive return, we noticed some key components that were proving detrimental to website performance and limiting their ROI potential. With a new and improved website design, we anticipated better SEO performance and a higher e-commerce conversion rate across all traffic sources.

We set about designing and launching a WordPress e-commerce site that fulfilled the following objectives:

  • A sleek and sophisticated design that complemented the brand.
  • A fully responsive site that looked flawless from desktop to mobile and tablet.
  • SEO-friendly and easy to edit existing content and add new content to.
  • Provides a great user experience, from easy navigation to a search functionality with a correctly tagged inventory.
  • Be fast-loading.
  • Includes enhancements that boost user engagement and conversion rates: the client wanted to provide an option to ‘Order A Sample’ and capitalise on enquiries with a live manned chat.
  • An easy and streamlined one to two page checkout process.


Date range post-launch 14th January to 25th March 2021 vs. Pre-launch 4th November 2020 to 13th January 2021

Users up by 7,214
Conv. Rate up from 0.33% to 0.69%
Sales up by 296
Revenue up by £34,627
ecommerce website design high revenue roi

Performance post-launch vs. pre-launch. Note: Google Analytics tracking was previously setup incorrectly, causing erroneous Bounce Rate data. This was fixed as part of the new website launch.

The profit from sales generated within the first two months recouped the cost of the new website.

Organic traffic performance improves across all KPIs

Organic traffic experienced an initial decline in volume before recalibrating and exceeding previous performance. Users increased by 42%, sessions increased by 52%, sales increased by 151% (from 41 to 103!) and revenue grew by 30% (£14,188).

Sales are growing both online and offline

You may have noticed that the average order value declined over the post-launch period: it actually decreased by -51%, from £1,212 to £589. This was due to the new sample order offering which led to an increase in sales and revenue away from the website. In other words, the full impact of the new website is more prevalent and wide-reaching than website analytics show.

Since the relaunch, London Encaustic has increased Paid advertising budgets on Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising to capitalise on their increased e-commerce conversion rate further.

If our projections prove accurate, we expect to see copper baths, concrete basins and encaustic tiles in at least 50% of households by 2022 :)

Is your e-commerce website losing you sales and revenue?

We have audited hundreds of e-commerce sites so know how to identify an underperforming website, function-wise and aesthetically. We are an eCommerce UX agency that understands how to create a site experience that will help convert visitors into buying customers and then keep them coming back.

If you’re interested in finding out just how much more revenue your site could be generating, book a free 30-minute discovery call or call us now on 0203 411 2680.

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