Companies Digest Post Trafiki Press Release

Trafiki Featured in Companies Digest

Following the announcement of the new Trafiki website, we were recently featured in Companies Digest. The team at Trafiki were thrilled to be featured in this outlet given the work they do covering industry leaders and their evolving business practices.

Companies Digest has been writing about business, technology, and finance for many years, and have garnered a large professional following during that time. In turn, we see this media coverage as an opportunity for companies around the world to see our bold new approach to data-driven marketing.

A New Direction for Trafiki

Since sharing this coverage, two eCommerce businesses have already joined Trafiki and bought into the new direction that we are taking. We believe our modern approach to UI/UX design will be extremely beneficial for any future clients that take us on.

Given that UI/UX plays a crucial role in improving conversion rate, this service is our opportunity to show businesses how to capitalise on any traffic generated. One of the most common occurrences in the eCommerce industry is an online store that generates traffic but struggles to convert it. Our UI/UX design services will solve this issue by showing eCommerce businesses how to turn visitors into buying customers.

With our website’s own UI/UX-focused redesign, businesses should now be able to easily find the exact area of digital marketing they need assistance with. Even if it’s in foundational areas such as SEO and PPC, our intelligent digital strategies will improve online visibility, brand reputation, and sales.

To read the article visit Companies Digest!

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