Measuring and Optimising Your Free Google Shopping Listings Performance

How to Create New Custom Reports and Custom Dashboards in Google Merchant Center

We previously reported on Google’s generous ‘free listings’  programme several months ago. It’s likely that you’re already participating and your listings are appearing for free across Google Surfaces, including: the Shopping tab, Google Search, Google Images, Google Maps and Google Lens.

New reporting capabilities have recently been added to the Google Merchant Center UI so it may be beneficial for many businesses to start using the new features and include free listings in their marketing strategy.

How do I access free listing performance?
Head to your Google Merchant Center account and select the ‘Overview’ tab. Here you will see your feed diagnostics summary: how many of your products are active, expired, pending or disapproved in your Shopping Ads, Dynamic Remarketing and Free listings feeds. Scroll down to see an overview of your unpaid (free) product performance in the ‘Performance (unpaid)’ card.

google merchant center free unpaid clicks overview

Unpaid (free listings) click performance as viewed in the Merchant Center overview

For more granular detail, proceed to the ‘Performance’ tab, then select ‘Dashboard’. Here you can see a summary of your free listings performance in terms of traffic/clicks. You can also check your date range to default or custom date ranges, and compare dates.

google merchant center reporting dashboard

Click into ‘Free listings: Traffic’ for a daily performance breakdown:

google merchant center free google shopping listings daily breakdown

Performance is also segmented by product, brand and product category:

google merchant center free listings product report

Your reports – custom report and dashboard creation

Advertisers can now create tables, charts and scorecards – reports and dashboard – directly within Merchant Center to explore performance data.

To build-out your report or dashboard, simply select the dimensions and metrics you want to analyse:

free google shopping listings custom report metrics dimensions

Benefits of creating custom report and dashboards

  • Quickly identify any shifts in performance over any specified time period, and compare and contrast performance using date range comparisons.
  • Generate daily charts for long-term performance tracking.
  • Segment by product ID, product title, product category or custom label.
  • If certain products are dominating your Shopping campaign budget and you’d rather ease-off on their spend and traffic, check if you’d be able to rely on their free listing performance.
  • Monitor how your shopping feed optimisation efforts affect both paid and free listings.
google merchant center dashboard comparison

Does your business need help with running your Google Shopping campaigns?

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