SEM And PPC Advertising News & Updates: March 2021

March 2021 SEM and PPC News and Updates

Updates include: Google Analytics conversion measurement improvements, simplified campaign management via the Google Ads mobile app, Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) DSA updates, and Instagram TV (IGTV) Ads now available in more territories. 

Google Analytics

Updated conversion count metrics 

From March 15th 2021, Google Analytics launched a fix aimed at improving measurement when third-party identifiers cannot be used. This will update conversion count metrics for all app conversions meaning that tracking will be similarly aligned to event counts seen in advertisers’ reporting. 

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Google Ads: Mobile App and Summary View Launch

On-the-go notifications with their new mobile app

It’s been expected for a while but, finally, the Google Ads app is here. The app will allow advertisers to monitor campaigns and improve performance both in real time and on-the-go. With push notifications, users can opt in to notifications about campaign performance and status changes. 

Campaign management simplified 

Google recognises the difficulty some may have in navigating Google Ads. They have therefore created a new summary view aimed at simplifying the way advertisers manage their campaigns. The changes include the ability to ‘view performance at a glance’, ‘improve performance with customer recommendations’ and ‘manage keywords in one place’.

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Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads): Static Headlines in DSAs, Automotive Ads Launch

Creative control with new static DSA headlines

Microsoft Advertising is currently allowing advertisers to use static headlines on their dynamic search ads thus enabling full creative control over DSAs. Microsoft claims they are ‘one of the most innovative, mind-expanding tools’ they can offer and they should be used ‘as part of any advertiser’s holistic strategy to drive incremental query coverage’. They can be used in all markets where DSAs are available and will enable matching landing pages to unique queries whilst also preserving advertiser’s creative control. 

Launch of Automotive Ads

They also announced the open beta of a new product created by Microsoft Advertising. As feed-based product ads, automotive Ads display all the attributes of your product and then showcase them on SERP right rail/mainline and Bing image results page, attracting more volume. The ads also offer a richer UX and save time with automation (they use feeds with keyword-less campaigns). 

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Facebook and Instagram: IGTV Growth and Advertising Research Results

IGTV Ads are now available in more countries 

IGTV has quickly become a vital tool used by creators all over the world to develop their personal brand and monetise their content. Instagram tested ads in IGTV with a revenue share model for US-based creators last year and have been able to slowly expand their tests. These will reach the UK and Australia within a matter for weeks. Videos will be up to 15 seconds long and are immersive and mobile first. This update demonstrates an ongoing commitment to building a collection of tools aimed at supporting creators. 

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Research into small businesses’ digital marketing results are in

Facebook researched the impact of personalised advertising for small businesses and found that ads that are targeted yet affordable are potent. 73% of their sample said that reaching the right audience is important while 64% said cost is the biggest consideration. They also found that 77% of small business’ online ads are more beneficial than offline ads. 

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