Google Ads News & Updates: November 2021

November 2021 Google Ads News and Updates

Updates include: Google Ads launches new mobile app features and scales product feeds to more video campaign types!

Google Ads: Product feeds extended to more video campaign types

TrueView for shopping edited and product feeds scaled 

Youtube is the number one platform for ad-supported reach. It’s a place where hard-to-reach audiences go for entertainment and connect with content they love. It is also where audiences come to shop; “70% of YouTube viewers say they bought a brand as a result of seeing it on YouTube”.

That’s why Google Ads are editing TrueView for shopping and scaling product feeds to more Video campaign types. This update will enable brands to link product feeds to their awareness and consideration of Video campaigns and make them shoppable. 

How it works:

When a user views your video ad, the panel below the ad will expand to show your products. For the moment, products will only appear when the user’s mobile device is in portrait mode. Selecting an image will transport users directly to the product landing page.
For each product to appear, brand’s must include a minimum of four items with a 1:1 ration image in their Merchant Center product feed (only the main product image will be used).

“On average, advertisers that add product feeds to their Video action campaigns achieve over 60% more conversions at a lower cost,” Google said, discussing its internal data in which it compared campaigns without product feeds to 941 campaigns with them. However, it is always vital to test any new feature to judge if it benefits your strategy.

The Google Ads Help centre explains how to add products to your Video campaigns in greater detail. 

 Google Ads product feeds are scaled to more video types

Google Ads: Mobile app updated

New insights and features added to the Google Ads mobile app

The Google Ads mobile app helps you stay connected to your campaigns on the move. To help users monitor performance and stay on top of holiday demand, Google has updated their mobile app with new insights and features; users can now view more explanations with performance insights, create campaigns directly in the mobile app and review Search trends. 

Monitoring campaigns with improved performance insights

Performance insights make it easy to understand performance changes. If there is a significant change, performance insights give users a real-time notification, explain why the change occurred, and advise how to resolve the issue. 

Google Ads is adding more explanations to performance insights to help users better understand performance fluctuations; users will now be able to see shifts in search interest, explanations based on changes to their bid and budget strategies, and more. 

Keep up with consumer demand with Search trends

Google Ads has added Search trends to the mobile app to help users stay in the know with consumer demand on the go. For example, with Search trends, a grocery retailer looking to expand their customer reach can better understand rising trends for “cookie decorating kits” and act on these trends by creating new campaigns for these products. 

Create campaigns on the go

Users can now easily create a Search campaign in the Google Ads mobile app: tap the “plus” button on the bottom right of the screen, select a campaign type and other settings.

Google Ads mobile app updated with new insights and features
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