SEM And PPC Advertising News & Updates: November 2021

November 2021 SEM and PPC News and Updates

Updates include: Amazon Ads expands customisable “lookback windows”, and Microsoft Advertising adds new educational resources to Learning Lab.

Microsoft Advertising updates Learning Lab with new educational resources

Microsoft Advertising: Learning Lab updated with new educational resources

Updates help users optimise their campaign success and grow their Microsoft Advertising knowledge

Learning Lab is Microsoft Advertising’s hub for all things learning. New educational resources have been added to the Lab to help users optimise their campaign success and grow their Microsoft Advertising knowledge.

The new resources include 13 foundation-level search product and feature courses on several topics, including Microsoft Advertising Editor, Google Import, UET and conversion tracking, bidding and budgets, and more.

Users can scroll through course content at their own pace, engage with interactive content, and check out how-to links, rather than having to listen to a recorded voice-over and continually hit the “next” button.

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Bolded Text can improve a webpage’s SEO

Google: The importance of bolded text

Bolded text can improve a webpage’s SEO

Google’s John Mueller confirms that bolding important text in a paragraph allows Google to understand the content better, improving a webpage’s SEO.

During the recent Google Search Central SEO office hours, a question was asked about the benefits of using bolded text: “Is it purely a stylistic choice? Or can it also be utilised for SEO purposes?”.

Mueller’s response: Although Google can usually figure out what’s important on its own, bolded text heightens the importance of messages. However, the extent to which bolded text helps depends on the rest of the page’s content; bolding a large chunk of text would add little value, but bolding a few segments of text across an article can send stronger signals to Google.

Mueller concluded his answer to the question with the following definitive statement:

“So if you want to kind of like simplify it to one word answer, does bolding important points on a paragraph help the SEO, yet is does. It does help us to better understand that paragraphs or that page”.

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Amazon Ads: Customisable “lookback windows” expanded

Update enables registered sellers and vendors to gain clearer insights

Amazon Ads has expanded customisable “lookback windows” for views and purchases remarketing audiences. Advertisers can now specify a period past 30 days for their Sponsored Display custom audiences campaigns to include those performing relevant shopping actions.

This new update enables registered sellers and vendors to gain clearer insights when engineering and overseeing their Sponsored Display audiences campaigns; for views remarketing, you can select 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 days for a custom lookback window; for purchases remarketing, you can choose 7, 14, and 30, 60, 90, 180 and 356 days.

» Read more about Amazon Ads new update here.

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