SEM And PPC News & Advertising Updates: April 2021

April 2021 SEM and PPC News and Updates

Updates include: Google Analytics’ new engagement measurement, optimised campaign performance at Google Ads, scheduling features on Facebook Business Suite, Microsoft Advertising to scale across platforms, and Shopify and Pinterest have expanded their partnership in 27 more countries.

Google Analytics

BigQuery’s new user engagement measurement

Google Analytics have decided to measure user engagement time to enhance their event logging capabilities. This aims to reduce the number of dedicated user engagement events sent by the SDK by using these measurements as a parameter on automatically collected events. They have assured concerned parties that this will not impact other features like reporting or Analysis. 

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Shopify and Pinterest’s partnership extended to include 27 more countries

On April 21st, Pinterest announced that it would be expanding its partnership with Shopify. At the moment 1.7 million Shopify merchants have an easy way to show their products to Pinterest and transform them into shoppable Product Pins. This service will now be expanded across 27 different countries. Online shopping has increased as a result of the pandemic so merchants have seized the opportunity to use Pinterest as a way of recreating in-store shopping experiences. This expansion aims to respond to growing demand from global customers to find shoppable products online. 

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Google Ads

Automatic recommendations, greater advertiser control and Customer Match addition

Automatic recommendations to optimise campaign performance

Acting upon feedback stating that implementing performance recommendations and reviews can be time-consuming, Google Ads has created the option to apply recommendations automatically. This will allow users to optimise campaigns more efficiently. Users will have the ability to choose from over 17 recommendations to apply automatically. It is an opt-in service that can be monitored in the ‘History’ tab so that users can keep track of the changes made to every campaign.. They have included the ability to op-out at any point.

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Dynamic exclusion list for advertisers announced 

On April 15th, Google Ads announced the development of a new feature that allows advertisers greater control over their ads. The feature will prevent ads from running alongside content that does not align with their campaign. Advertisers will be able to choose their ads’ format,  where their ads appear and the audience they want to reach. Advertisers will also be able to block certain websites, contents or topics from appearing alongside their ads uploading a dynamic exclusion list to their account. This development demonstrates Google Ads ongoing recognition of advertisers’ need to meet branding targets and adhere to company values.

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Use Customer Match to engage with customers across campaigns

Customer Match uses the information your customers have provided to help advertisers build a stronger relationship with them. They recommend using Customer Match as part of a first-party data strategy to engage with customers across Search, Shopping, Discovery and Video campaigns. With the ability to get an instant match rate upon uploading a customer list, Google Ads recommends using Customer Match alongside acting upon your recommendations. This is because Customer Match lists deliver a 17% increase in traffic after they have been updated with recommendations.

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Organisational change to Smart Bidding Strategies

A collection of four automatic bid strategies, Smart Bidding enables advertisers to reach conversion value goals. Advertisers have previously complained to Google Ads that it is difficult to differentiate between bidding strategies so Google Ads have responded by changing how each strategy is organised. Target CPA and Target ROAS will be grouped with ‘maximise conversions’ and ‘maximise conversion value’. This will not impact the behaviour of either Target CPA or ROAS but will offer a clearer explanation of what they do.

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Facebook and Instagram

Scheduling features added to Facebook Business Suite

Facebook has announced a series of new developments to Facebook Business Suite (FBS) that include the ability to schedule stories, edit scheduled posts, save posts in drafts and the ability to create and manage albums. The aim of Facebook Business Suite is to compile messaging, posing, insights and advertising tools all in one area. The latest update to FBS demonstrates an ongoing commitment to streamlining content creation by planning ahead.

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Microsoft Advertising

Advertisers can now operate across platforms using Google Import

Google Import is used to scale advertising across several platforms. Microsoft Advertising recently announced that those who use application programming interface (API) can not only sync their Google Ads campaigns but also relieve them of the necessity to stay up to date on coding. Google Import API provides support for Responsive Search Ads and allows customers to bring their RSA campaigns from Google Ads over to Microsoft Advertising. 

Microsoft have also updated their RSA software to include countdown customisers that will automatically update advertisers as an event draws nearer. This comes as RSA has been moved to default ad copy creation.

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