SEM And PPC Advertising News & Updates: June 2021

June 2021 SEM and PPC News and Updates

Updates include: Ad Mob data upgrade, Video Action Campaign optimisation, Microsoft Smart Shopping Launch, new ways to import Google ad campaigns and Pinterest’s commitment to recreating an in-store shopping experience

Google Analytics: Design renaming and inclusion of AdMob into Ad Revenue Metrics

Design adaptation and renaming

By organising like-reports and tools into more focused, relevant and immersive workspaces, Google Analytics 4 have adapted their design to a more modular left navigation. Part of their design renovation has involved renaming ‘Analysis’ as ‘Explorations’. This has not changed the functionality of the workspace, simply the name. This means that what was previously termed ‘exploration’, is now labeled ‘free-form’ technique and the documentation and product UI have been updated accordingly. 

Incorporation of AdMob Mediated Revenue

From June 25 2021, Google Analytics 4 have included AdMob Mediated Revenue in their ad revenue metrics when data flow between two products is enabled. Providing a more detailed picture of in-app monetisation, the data can be found in Ad Revenue.

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Google Ads: Ad Pods updates, Video Action Campaigns 2022 upgrades and optimisation score capabilities

Video Action Campaigns can achieve an optimisation score 

Optimisation scores enhance campaign performance in Search, Display, Shopping and, now Video, by highlighting personalised recommendations. This has proven crucial to improving campaign performance. 

Scores may range from 0 – 100% (100% meaning that your campaign is performing optimally). By incorporating personal recommendations, advertisers can easily follow best practices with their Video action campaigns. It has been proven that those following recommendations achieve 50% more conversions per dollar and 40% higher conversion rates.

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Video Action Campaigns Upgrades

70% of YouTube users have admitted to purchasing products after seeing a YouTube advertisement. Youtube recognises that it is important to find potential customers at a moment of evaluation and exploration so they have updated TrueView to scale its best features to more places with Video Action Campaigns. This means that advertisers will be able to include longer headlines, have greater control over the scale of the strategy with ‘custom audiences’ and ‘remarketing’ tools’ whilst accessing more places like Youtube’s home feed, watch next feed and watch page. 

Existing TrueView action campaigns will upgrade in early 2022 to Video Action Campaigns, although TrueView action ads can be created until 30 September 2021.

» Find out more information and instructions on how to create Video Action Campaigns here.

Ad Pod Updates

Viewers complained to Google Ads about the frequency of ad breaks on YouTube over long periods of time. In response to reports, they have created ‘ad pods’ that consist of two advertisements back-to-back. Aimed at viewers who watch long form content, they should decrease interruptions throughout viewing. 

They were launched in 2018 but they will soon be available to serve non-skippable in-stream ads alongside skippable in-stream ads and bumpers. This is hoped to further reduce video interruptions and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to improving user experience.

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Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads): Microsoft Smart Shopping Launch, Extension of Similar Audiences to US markets, development of campaign importation technology and updates in reporting notifications

Launch of Similar Audiences in the US

Similar Audiences allows advertisers to reach more potential customers simply by looking for searchers with similar interests to those already on your remarketing lists. This new capability aims to reach customers who are ready to convert which, in turn, will enhance conversion rates and increase ROI. It is also thought that this update will save time by using your already existing remarketing lists. 

Microsoft will ensure that your list is kept up to date and will also ensure that there is no overlap between your Similar Audiences and remarketing lists. 

Import campaigns in new ways

Microsoft has made new updates to Google Import that aim to offer simplified, efficient ways to import campaigns from Google Ads to Microsoft advertising. They have promised to reduce complexities and have condensed the process into three stages: sign in, choose accounts and start import. Microsoft will then automatically optimise your import although there is the option for users to make their own customisations in the advanced suite. 

Automatic sync will then only sync Google Ads changes if they are beneficial to your Microsoft campaign – this means that advertisers are able to take advantage of new features instantly.

» More information can be found here.

Renaming and reporting notifications updates

Microsoft Advertising have also updated their bid terminology. ‘Maximum CPC’ found in automated bidding, is now termed ‘Maximum bid limit’ to offer more clarity on its function. This has not altered the feature’s functionality, simply its title. Furthermore, in the notification queue, there are new alerts to advise advertisers of breaches in the updated guidelines with regards to reporting data. They will now be able to provide advertisers with visibility into when there may be a delay and what needs to be done to resolve this. 

Microsoft Smart Shopping App Launch 

The launch of a new Shopify app, Microsoft Smart Shopping, aims to simplify shopping campaign creation and nurturing routes to valuable customers.

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Pinterest: Bringing the in-store shopping experience online

Pinterests shopping features have expanded across Australia, Canada, France and Germany to offer users the ability to shop directly from Pins, on boards, from search and from the real world using Lens camera search. The launch of Shopping List allows users to save products in one place whilst also notifying them of specific deals on saved products and learning more about user’s personal preferences. 

This represents good news for advertisers as research shows that allowing users the time to consider and enjoy shopping (as the Pinterest experience allows) results in significantly higher spend. By combining this process with shopping ads, a conversion rate of 3x and 2x positive incremental return on ad spend (ROAS) can be achieved. 

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