SEM And PPC Advertising News & Updates: May 2021

May 2021 SEM and PPC News and Updates

Updates include: Local ad expansion at Google Ads, Facebook Import for Microsoft, global introduction of multi/promotional image extension at Microsoft Advertising and the launch of Global Idea Pins at Pinterest.

Google Ads: Smart Bidding Features, Expansion of Ads for Local Campaigns and Global Image Extensions 

Smart Bidding Updates

Google has updated their Smart Bidding features with several new features aimed to improve automated account strategy. Whilst it has previously only been possible to view top signals in a bid strategy report for campaigns that adopt Target CPA, Google have now allowed these signals for Search Campaigns using Target ROAS and Maximise conversion value as well. They have also made it possible for Smart Bidding to take seasonality into account to give managers more control. Finally, Google’s simulator function that allowed users to understand how target bid and budget changes may impact performance for conversion and click-based strategies can now be used for Search Campaigns and Target Impression Share.

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Google Ads for In-store Sales 

Google noted how people have begun to use Google Maps to find local products. They have therefore added three new capabilities that increase the likelihood of local campaigns showing up on Google Maps. These include auto-suggest ads that appear in Maps’ search results, navigational ads to promote businesses to those navigating somewhere and finally similar place ads that suggest businesses similar to that which has been searched. The Google team are also committed to expanding Local Campaigns across other Google platforms as well. 

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Search ads with image extensions 

In response to consumer engagement with visual images, Google created image extensions for ads to help advertisers create more visually appealing content. On 27th May, image extensions were made available globally. Early results have demonstrated a 10% increase in CTR on mobile Search ads. 

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Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads): BMM and Phrase Match, Facebook Import for Microsoft and Global Launch of Multi/Promotional Image Extensions 

Phrase Match and Broad Match Modifier

Now incorporating broad match modifiers (BMM) into phrase match, Microsoft Advertising aims to simplify keywords and improve ad relevance. This means that BMM and phrase match keywords now appear under the same new phrase match behaviour. 

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Facebook Import for Microsoft Audience Network

Advertisers are now able to import running ads from Facebook Ads to Microsoft. This new capability has been designed to save time and maximise ROI by working either as a standalone tool or a complement to other Google Import strategies. 

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Multi-Image Extensions and Promotion Extensions launch globally

With the capacity to increase higher ad engagement, Promotional Extensions and Multi-Image Extensions allow advertisers to display a series of images alongside a text ad. This demonstrates an effort from Microsoft to respond to reports of higher user engagement to visual ads. Whilst these features have been available to the US market since 2020, May saw the global launch of Microsoft’s Multi-Image extensions and Promotional Extensions. 

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Pinterest: Introduction of Global Idea Pins 

Acting upon the requests of users to engage with more video content, Pinterest have introduced a multi-page video format for creators in 8 countries. This will allow business accounts to create content that engages their target audience with long lasting, save-able material. This is a development from their beta test, ‘Story Pins’, in September 2020. Creators now have an extensive suit of video editing and publishing tools. They have recorded an increase of 9x on the average comment rate on Idea Pins as opposed to standard Pins. With a further range of trackable engagement metrics (saves, comments and reactions) creators are able to track their business growth and audience engagement. With the goal of making content more shoppable, they are currently testing product tagging within Idea Pins.

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