SEM And PPC Advertising News & Updates: September 2021

September 2021 SEM and PPC News and Updates

Updates include: Google shares more search term data, John Mueller discusses content creation, Facebook introduces new tools for businesses, Google simplifies budget reports, Amazon updates Sponsored Display.

Google Ads: Google Shares more query data with advertisers whilst removing old search term data

Search term data updates

Google has announced its decision to start sharing more search term data with advertisers. They will not release all search term data but are working towards a solution to help maintain privacy whilst still sharing data with advertisers. This move could enable advertisers to see an average of 6.5% more search term data. 

Advertisers are advised to download data from before September 1, 2020, to keep a record of it

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google ads shares more query data with advertisers

Google Ads: New budget report makes campaign spend easier to visualise

Budget behaviour simplified

Budget behaviour in Google Ads is challenging to understand, particularly for daily budgets.

Google has launched a new budget report to help users visualise monthly campaign spend behaviour. The latest report will cover how much users are projected to pay at the end of the month, alongside how past changes to daily budgets have impacted spend limits and performance. 

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google ads new budget reports visualise budget spend data
google john mueller strategising content creation

Google: Strategising content creation 

Whether to build lots of pages or focus on strengthening existing ones

Google’s John Mueller was asked about strategising content creation: should one build fewer, but stronger pages that target the main keyword and the related keywords, or split off the associated keywords to their pages. 

Mueller’s response: Fewer pages may be best when starting out, as you can optimise them to be as strong as possible. Over time, you can split off individual pages into more niche topics. 

Fewer pages may also be best for competitive topics, as those pages can be made stronger. If competition is not as intense, more pages may be preferable. 

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Facebook: Facebook launches new tools to generate leads and connect with customers

Free and paid business tools to help businesses find new customers and connect with them in more ways

The upcoming Facebook updates for businesses include:

1) Click-to-Message Ads Update

Click-to-message ads encourage people to connect with businesses through Instagram Direct, WhatsApp and Messenger. With the new Ads Update, companies can invite customers to connect through a range of messaging platforms, whether they are owned by Facebook or another messaging app.

2) Start WhatsApp Chat From Instagram

Facebook is launching a feature that involves WhatsApp and Instagram. Businesses can now add a WhatsApp click-to-chat button to their Instagram profile. 

3) Request a Quote on Messenger

This new feature will enable businesses to invite customers to request a quote.

» Learn more about the new Facebook updates for businesses here.

Amazon Ads: Sponsored Display updates

Editing and optimising campaign creatives

Amazon’s latest update enables advertisers to edit and optimise campaign creatives without creating new campaigns or pausing delivery. After editing campaign creative, Sponsored Display campaigns will not be interrupted whilst new submissions await approval. If recent edits are rejected, a prior approved version will continue to serve. The worry of disrupting moderation rejections is now gone. 

»Read more about Amazon’s sponsored display updates here.

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