Certified SEMrush Agency Partners

Trafiki Ecommerce Now SEMrush Agency Partners

We have become a certified SEMrush Agency Partner, meaning that our expertise is now officially recognised and endorsed by the platform.

SEMrush is a powerful search engine marketing tool that fuels our SEO efforts at Trafiki. According to TechRadar, it is also the best SEO tool out there!

Given our recent partnership with the platform, we thought that this was the perfect opportunity to explain a few of the different SEMrush tools we use to boost the organic rankings of our clients!

Domain Overview

What Does It Do?

Domain overview allows you to see the big picture. Just as the name suggests, this tool gives you an overview of a domain’s online visibility and growth trend over time. It does so by providing you with insights into organic search traffic, keywords, paid search, and backlinks.

For a more focused assessment of your website, it also allows you to look into the performance of a subdomain or specific URL.

SEMrush Domain Overview

How Do We Use It?

Domain overview is a great way to get a snapshot of where your website is. However, you go can go into much more depth using other SEMrush tools, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console when you are a Trafiki client.

Where Domain Overview really excels is in investigating your competitors. We use the tool to constantly monitor our clients’ biggest and/or most similar competitors. We can look at what keywords they are ranking for, where they are getting their backlinks from, and so on. This information helps us decide upon the best organic strategy for your business.

Should you go after the same keywords? Should you attempt to build the same backlinks? These are the questions that we will ask ourselves. Domain Overview allows us to keep track of our clients’ competitors, and then better them.

Keyword Overview

What Does It Do?

This tool allows you to enter any word or phrase and receive a full analysis of that keyword. It gives you an in-depth insight into the search volume, keyword difficulty (how hard it is to rank for), Cost-per-click (CPC), and the search intent of a particular keyword (e.g. bag).

Moreover, it will supply this same data for related keywords (e.g. handbag) and keyword variations (e.g. Gucci bag).

SEMrush Keyword Research

How Do We Use It?

The Keyword Overview tool is at the centre of any keyword research we conduct at Trafiki. Predominantly, we use it to identify new keyword opportunities that will help bring organic traffic to our clients. Our approach is far more nuanced than simply homing in on keywords with high search volume and low keyword difficulty, although that is certainly part of it.

  • When considering blog titles, we target long-tail, question-based keyword variations with informational intent. Such keywords are easier to rank for and more accurately describe how someone would search for a query. Our keyword research informs the copy, structure (H1s, H2s etc.), and meta tags of any page we write.
  • When we write copy for product pages and descriptions, we look to target keywords with transactional intent (i.e. words or phrases typically used when someone is looking to purchase a product or service). These are the keywords that all eCommerce sites need to prioritise to maximise conversions.

SEMrush allows us to analyse the value of a particular keyword across many different variables that would otherwise be hidden.

Learn more about how to do keyword research in our SEO Essentials blog series.

Position Tracking

SEMrush Position Tracking

What Does It Do?

After you have identified and begun targeting your keyword(s), it is time to use Position Tracking. This tool allows you to track a website’s daily rankings for a custom set of target keywords. It also lets you compare data across different geographical locations and devices.

How Do We Use It?

We use Position Tracking to monitor the web performance of our clients. Any time that we target a keyword, we add it to our campaign so that we can track organic position changes.

This is extremely important because, unlike other marketing channels, SEO does not work instantly. Instead, it may take anywhere from 2 months to 12 months before you start to see considerable results.

Position Tracking allows us to keep on top of the impact of our SEO efforts whilst ensuring our clients are not slipping down the SERP unknowingly. Rankings may shift when competitors have made improvements, there is a change in the Google Algorithm, or there are technical issues. Through constant monitoring of our clients, we act fast to combat any sudden drop in your Google ranking.

Final Thoughts

This blog has only scratched the surface with regards to the power and scope of SEMrush. There are many other tools on the platform that we use as part of our SEO services, all of which are geared towards skyrocketing you up the Google rankings.

Trafiki is a London eCommerce agency that provides SEO audit services to eCommerce businesses looking to grow. This is fuelled by years of digital marketing experience and a wealth of specialist SEO knowledge. Contact us today if you would like to tap into our expertise.

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