SEM And PPC Advertising News & Updates: October 2021

October 2021 SEM and PPC News and Updates

Updates include: Amazon launches a new measurement solution, Amazon Ads introduces new Sponsored Display features, Microsoft Clarity offers insights for Microsoft Advertising, Google introduces new tools for optimisation, and Google Ads updates its policies on climate change.

Microsoft Advertising: Microsoft Clarity created

The new experience helps users understand engagement and post-click behaviour

Understanding customer journey and user behaviour are crucial for successful marketing. Microsoft has combined the power of two products to create Microsoft Clarity. The new experience offers insights for Microsoft Advertising, helping users understand engagement and post-click behaviour on their landing pages.

Key benefits include:

  • Stronger data: Though fully understanding the customer journey and enhancing the signals captured, users can make more strategic optimisation decisions within their advertising campaigns and on your website.
  • Free website analytics: Microsoft clarity can help users understand post-click user behaviour, engagement on their ad landing pages, and path to conversion.

Seamless UET upgrade: Microsoft will update Present JavaScript UET tags on the back to enable Clarity, with no coding action required to form the user. Existing Microsoft Advertising credentials can be used to sign up.

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Microsoft Clarity created to offer insights for Microsoft Advertising
Google Ads updates its policies on climate change

Google Ads: Updates to climate change policies 

Monetisation policy introduced to tackle inaccurate climate change claims

Google regularly reviews and updates its ads and monetisation policies to help ensure a brand-safe environment for their advertising partners and protect users from unreliable claims such as anti-vaccine advocacy. 

Recently, a growing number of Google’s advertisers and publisher partners have expressed concerns about ads that promote inaccurate claims about climate change. 

Google’s new monetisation policy for Google advertisers, publishers, and YouTube creators prevent the creation of ads for, and monetisation of content against established scientific views around the causes, and the existence of climate change.

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Google Ads: Optimise for Christmas with Google Ad’s new tools

New tools will help businesses set up more accurate measurements and reach new potential customers 

The key to driving results during the holiday season is staying on top of trends and recommendations. So to help businesses set up more accurate measurements, reach new potential customers, optimise your shopping campaigns, and more, Google is introducing new tools this holiday season. 

1) Optimise your shopping campaigns more efficiently

Google adds more recommendations for shopping campaigns to help businesses optimise their accounts more efficiently over the holiday season.

2) Ensure accurate and actionable measurement

Google introduces privacy-safe solutions like enhanced conversions to ensure businesses measurements stay accurate and actionable.

3) Reach more people with improved keyword recommendations

Google ads now consider more signals when determining recommended keywords to help businesses reach more potential customers during the holiday season.

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Optimise for Christmas with Google Ad's new tools

Amazon Ads: New Sponsored Display features introduced

Sponsored Display features launched to help brands reach audiences

During unBoxed 2021, Amazon Ads introduced a range of Sponsored Display features to help brands reach audiences on their shopping and entertainment journeys. 

1) Re-engage shoppers with purchases remarketing

Customers like finding new products from brands they have engaged with previously. Amazon Ads has expanded Sponsored Display’s Custom-Built Audiences with purchases remarketing to help advertisers reach audiences based on past shopping activities and purchases on Amazon.

2) Connect with audiences using bid optimisations

Amazon Ads has expanded its bidding controls for sponsored Display ads to connect more efficiently with relative audiences; custom Bid Optimisations enable advertisers to reach relevant audiences further throughout their shopping journeys.

3) Maximise brand creative with dynamically Optimised Creative

Amazon Ads’ dynamically Optimised Creative uses machine learning algorithms to aid creatives that are most likely to fulfil advertisers needs; using inputs like placement, product, publisher.

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Amazon Ads: Brand Metrics launched across Amazon

Amazon Launches a new measurement solution

Amazon has introduced Brand Metrics across their store. Built at scale to measure all shopping engagements, brand metrics quantifies opportunities for companies at each stage of their customer journey, and determines the number of customers in the consideration marketing funnel stages.

Brand Metrics helps companies:

  1. Understand their brand performance.
  2. Measure the impact of their upper and mid-funnel tactics to evaluate their impact on shoppers making purchases.
  3. Evaluate engagement metrics to understand the value of their branded intent.
  4. Monitor their performance relative to categories and peers at each stage of the purchase journey.
  5. Optimise marketing and advertising efforts to build their brand and reach more shoppers.

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