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eCommerce PPC Services

Our laser-focused pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are designed to both increase revenue and produce sustainable brand growth. We will advertise your eCommerce store across multiple media channels, ensuring that your products find their way to your ideal customers.

eCommerce PPC Services
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Target Ready-to-buy Customers

We run paid media campaigns across all major platforms. This includes both paid social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) and paid search ads (Google, Google Shopping, Microsoft, Amazon). Through intelligent audience targeting, we provide a modern approach to an established advertising model.

Why are my ads not getting many impressions?

If your ads are getting very few impressions, the problem probably lies in your keywords. You could be targeting a keyword with too little search volume or simply being outbid (and thus outranked) by a competitor.

Why are my ads getting impressions but no clicks?

Perhaps people are not clicking on your ads because your ad copy is not compelling enough. Equally, you may be targeting keywords that are too broad and, therefore, not tapping into the right audience. A low CTR generally indicates that users do not believe that the ad is relevant to their search.

Ecommerce Pain Points

Why Is Your PPC Not Working?

Ecommerce Pain Points

Why do I have a high CTR but a low conversion rate?

This suggests your ads are targeting the right people but your landing page is poorly designed and has not been optimised for conversions. The only way to fix this is by investing in UI & UX design. Equally, it could be because there is a disconnect between your landing page and your ad copy. Have you promised customers something different to what appears on your site?

Why do my products keep getting disapproved?

Products can be disapproved for a number of reasons, including missing product identifiers (GTINs/EAN numbers), image issues, and price mismatches. Once we have identified why they are being disapproved, we will work to get them live again and provide explicit instructions on how you can get all products approved from your end.

Our PPC Audit: Discover Your ROI Potential

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Could you be getting a better return on your investment? If so, how? Through a comprehensive evaluation of the short- and long-term performance of your paid advertising strategy, these are the two central questions that our PPC audit services will aim to answer.

We will take a deep dive into your account structure, targeting, bidding strategies, and much more. This will help us identify the practices that are currently damaging your PPC performance. In turn, it will allow us to explain how you can fix them.

A PPC audit is not only for eCommerce businesses that are currently struggling with or experiencing a drop-off in impressions, clicks, and/or conversions. Even the most efficient PPC accounts will depreciate over time. Google is constantly announcing new ad features and policies. To maximise the performance of your PPC strategy, you must stay up-to-date.

Flexible PPC Strategies Informed by Data and People

Our PPC strategies aim to connect you to an audience with high-purchase intent. All the decisions we make in order to do so are informed by data.

The most crucial data comes once your PPC campaign is live. This first-party data will become increasingly revealing as more time passes and more data is gathered, helping to paint a clearer picture of the interests, intents, and demographics of your audience. This will continuously inform our bidding strategies, keyword selection, and what products we choose to incorporate into your Shopping feed.

Successful PPC strategies require collaboration, so we supplement this data-driven approach with a human-centric one. Your business ambitions are the centrepiece of our PPC efforts. What you want to advertise, who you want these ads to reach, and the size of your budget will dictate the campaign that we create.

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A Breakdown of Our Pay-per-click Strategies


We will identify and bid on cost-effective keywords that will attract your target audience i.e. keywords that will lead to clicks and conversions. Our keyword research is all about understanding your customers and using search data to predict the terms they would use to find your products or services. We will target a balanced mix of broad and highly-specific (long-tail) keywords, ensuring your ads appear across all relevant searches. This will also involve optimising ads for locations you would like to target.

We will create a comprehensive list of negative keywords as part of our keyword research. These are the search terms that you do not want your ads to show up for, whether they are irrelevant to your business or unreflective of your brand. We do this to reduce the number of wasted clicks and, thus, reduce wastage spend. This part of the process helps to keep our keyword targeting laser-focused.

After working with you to understand your business goals and your target audience, we will begin creating ads tailored to your online store. We will write engaging, conversion-focused ad copy and, in some cases, include a unique image that captures your brand. Images will often be used for retargeting ads, a type of display ad that targets users who visited your site but have not completed a purchase. People who see retargeted ads are 70% more likely to make a purchase.

We will implement the full range of ad extensions, including sitelinks, snippets, and price extensions. This will ensure that your Search and Dynamic Search Ads amass as much online “real estate” on the SERP as possible. Adding relevant ad extensions will also help boost your ad rank without increasing your bids.

We will create a Google Shopping and/or Amazon Shopping campaign based on your business goals and KPIs, aiming to meet or exceed your ideal ROI targets. We will segment your products according to returns, popularity, and many other factors. This will help us decide on how we distribute your budget and which items we should focus on. High volume conversions typically have a lower ROAS (return on ad spend), so it is all about finding the most profitable balance.

The quality of your product (or data) feed dictates the quality of your Shopping campaign. Firstly, we will apply the correct Google Category attributes and Product Types to ensure your ads appear in the most relevant searches. A high-quality product feed then requires regular updating, taking into account any changes made to availability, pricing, and other important product information. Product feed optimisation may also involve keeping an eye on product disapprovals and either fixing them when possible or suggesting fixes for you to carry out.

There is no point in bringing targeted traffic to your site if your landing page is not optimised for conversions. Is the product information well-formatted? Is the product image high-quality? Are the CTAs strong? Many different on-page factors could be damaging your conversion rate. Our team of experts can identify and rectify them.

Our Success Stories

The Results Speak for Themselves…

Across all our PPC clients over the last 6 months, our campaigns have yielded the following results:


Av. Increase in
PPC Revenue


Av. Increase in


Av. Increase in


Av. Increase in

Frequently Asked Questions About Our eCommerce PPC Services

Given that it is very difficult to rank organically for high volume, transactional keywords, solely relying upon SEO strategies to generate leads and sales can be detrimental to your business. A quality paid search campaign will fast track your online store into the top positions on SERPs, right in front of your target audience. PPC is crucial to boosting brand awareness. Not to mention, paid advertising has a 200% ROI and is something that you typically see returns on much quicker than SEO.
Creating and managing a successful PPC campaign requires a lot of time, effort, and attention. Most eCommerce businesses, however, will not have the resources to have a dedicated PPC team. That is why you typically need an agency to take your brand to the next level. Whatever your budget, our team of PPC experts will ensure your campaign is as cost-effective as possible. We will also regularly provide you with detailed reports that allow you to see the progress for yourself.

PPC advertising has many moving parts, so there are normally a number of tweaks you can make to improve your paid search and/or paid social campaign. Most importantly, you need to ensure you are targeting the right audience. That means refining your keywords, ad copy, imagery, landing page, and/or product feed to find customers that are willing to make purchases. We can show you how.

Google Shopping and Amazon ads are particularly important for eCommerce businesses, so pay particularly close attention to these campaigns.

Many businesses mistakenly view PPC and SEO strategies as unconnected entities. In reality, they both aim to drive targeted traffic to your site and are most effective when employed alongside one another. An integrated approach will allow you to target your audience across all stages of the customer journey. For instance, display ads can be used to retarget visitors that have clicked on your site through organic search. Equally, PPC ads coupled with SEO efforts will maximise your SERP coverage!
Unlike SEO strategies – which typically take at least 6 months to work – you may be able to see the effects of a quality PPC campaign almost immediately. In our experience, however, we start to see really good returns after around 3-6 months. This is because, during this several month period, your campaign is generating valuable data that we can use to improve your campaign.
As much as you can afford! Some experts suggest that you should invest around 10% of your total revenue; however, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. It is entirely dependent upon your business goals, how competitive your industry is, the average CPC (cost per click) etc. We have worked with various budgets and know how to get results regardless.

PPC traffic converts 50% better than organic traffic. Our PPC audit will help you attract buying customers, not visitors.

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Our Other Services

UI/UX Audits

Your site’s overall usability and visual interface are the foundation of your online business. Poor UI/UX design will frustrate users, good UI/UX design will engage them. The goal is to pave a simple but slick path to purchase, and we will show you how. This will be key to improving your site’s conversion rate and turning visitors into buying customers.

SEO Audits

Building a strong online presence will always matter. Following an in-depth analysis of your business and its competitive landscape, we will create SEO strategies specially designed to grow your brand. The results? Increased traffic, quality leads, and higher conversion rates. A website with high organic traffic is the gift that keeps on giving.

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