Product Feed Optimisation

Proper optimisation of the product feed plays a pivotal role in enhancing performance and boosting profitability.

Product Feed Optimisation
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Maximum growth

Proper optimisation of your ecommerce product feed plays a pivotal role in enhancing performance and boosting profitability. Carried out correctly, it means your shop displays timely information to customers: correct levels of stock and current prices, thus avoiding account warnings and suspension due to out-of-date details. 

Optimisation also means relevant listings, so users’ searches will locate your products and services, especially in Google Shopping and Amazon. Logically, it will improve the odds in favour of your business and mean that a potential customer who wants to buy a product or service will find your business and make a purchase.

Validation down to EAN (European Article Number) or IAN (International Article Number) level.

Daily validation of other product data, with error reporting.

Optimised titles, including A-B testing and changes.

Keyword enrichment within shopping feed data.

Product classification, alignment and adjustment.

Observation of buying trends and habits, along with the effects of pricing on sales performance with repricing and price testing.

Intuitive reports with detail to individual item (SKU) level.

Management of average cost per click.

Test Out New Trading Partners With Ease

Equally importantly, especially given today’s focus on e-commerce, Trafiki Digital Marketing feed optimisation enables you to test out new trading partners with ease. You will be able to manage the performance of different feeds independently; nowadays, it is possible to achieve in a few minutes what used to take hours or weeks. With expert support from our specialists, product feed optimisation brings about the maximum organic growth in your customer base and sales revenue.

With us, feed optimisation is a comprehensive, performance-driven service that offers your business:

Data Field Population

When looking to optimise a product feed and boost your campaign results, it is important to populate as many data fields as possible with quality information in the primary elements. Placing each item into the most relevant category and selecting the best image for each item are critical considerations, too. Then again, getting the title right helps because search results sometimes display only the first 25, 50, or 64 characters. Consider the best structure, with the most important information first. Good grammar is of the essence and, naturally, we include SEO in product descriptions, so they rank higher in searches. 

Maximising the Performance

Make the most of your opportunity to capitalise on Google Shopping, Amazon and other leading channels, while maximising the performance of your e-commerce store and ensuring a first-rate customer journey. Whether for initial set-up, fine-tuning, or diagnosis and re-configuration, let us help you manage your product feed with a comprehensive end-to-end service. Additionally, we offer e-commerce audits to reveal hidden areas for improvement.

Tap Into Our Expertise

We invite you to tap into Trafiki’s Ecommerce Marketing’s expertise today. We aim to exceed expectations; our satisfied clients benefit from attention to detail, continuous improvement and, in many cases, outstanding growth in their client base.

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