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To appear high up on SERPs and reap the rewards of consistent organic traffic, you must earn it. Our data-led SEO strategies are a proven way to maximise your online visibility and transform your eCommerce site into a continuous source of revenue.

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When you invest in SEO, you are investing in the long-term value of your website. We are here to help you lay those foundations or build upon whatever organic success you may already have. Our multi-faceted SEO strategies will grow your online presence and give your eCommerce business the edge needed to outperform your competition.

Why is my site dropping down the rankings?

Google Algorithm updates, improving competitors, and recent site changes could all cause you to suddenly drop down the Google rankings. That is why you must continually invest in SEO and treat it as an ongoing process.

Why is my online store not generating organic traffic?

Traffic is inextricably linked to your organic position. When your rankings drop off, it is likely that your traffic will also. This could be because your on-page content is not good enough, your site is not optimised for mobile, and/or you are targeting keywords with too much competition.

Ecommerce Pain Points

Why Is Your SEO Not Working?

Ecommerce Pain Points

Why is my site not ranking for what I want it to?

Your site will not automatically rank for the search terms that you want them to. Your site must purposefully constructed around your target keywords. However, this is not achieved by keyword stuffing, paraphrasing duplicate content, or practising any other outdated SEO tactic.

Why is my online store not converting?

Increased traffic does not equate to increased sales. If the traffic you generate is not targeted, your conversion rate will suffer. You need to identify the keyword(s) that will attract ready-to-buy customers. Providing an enjoyable user experience through good UI & UX design will then help convert them.

Our SEO Audit: Diagnosing & Solving Your SEO Problems

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When it comes to improving your organic performance, our SEO audit service is the best place to start. Think of it as a form of ongoing digital maintenance. This detailed evaluation of your current search engine strategy will uncover the SEO practices that are damaging your website’s ranking and allow us to rectify them, from toxic backlinks to missing metadata to slow page speed. Our solutions will revolve around eCommerce SEO best practices, uniquely applied to your brand and your competitive landscape.

However, SEO is a constant battle. Long-term organic success cannot be guaranteed by a one-off audit, no matter how good it is. An ever-shifting set of factors decides Google rankings. There are currently 200 known ranking factors, the rest are shrouded in mystery. It is our job to keep our finger on the pulse and analyse your site’s performance in the context of search engine algorithm updates and the latest SEO trends.

Data-fuelled SEO Strategies

We will create a personalised eCommerce SEO strategy, monitor it constantly, and adjust accordingly. Data fuels each stage of our approach to search engine optimisation. Without access to data surrounding your organic traffic, page speed, backlinks, and much more, we would not be able to make truly SEO-informed decisions.

SEO research and analysis also allow us to react quickly to any changes in the organic search landscape. If we notice a sudden drop in your traffic, we can interrogate why that may have happened (e.g. a Google Algorithm update) and address it immediately. If we notice a relevant keyword has started to gain traction in your industry, we can begin targeting it whilst it still has low competition.

That’ why – amongst other SEO tools – SEMrush is a big part of what we do here. We are a certified SEMrush Agency Partner, meaning our SEO expertise is officially recognised and endorsed by the platform.

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A Breakdown of Our SEO Strategies


Our keyword research will uncover the keywords that your business should be targeting to attract the right customers. Not all keywords are made equal. We will find the ones in your specific industry with high search volume, high chances of ending in a purchase, but low enough competition. Finding this delicate balance is what will get your site ranked high on SERPs and increase your conversion rate.

SEO without content marketing is like a car without an engine. Consistently posted, high-quality content is key to bringing targeted traffic to your eCommerce website and shooting you up the rankings. We create unique and engaging blogs, guides, and social media posts that are moulded to your industry and brand. Most importantly, everything we write is informed by meticulous keyword research.

Backlinks are a huge search engine ranking factor. Our link building strategies blend a variety of creative techniques that aim for quality backlinks. Through thoughtful outreach campaigns, we will identify guest blogging opportunities and build broken links on authoritative sites. In turn, we will establish your own site as a figure of authority within your industry and move you up the rankings.

There are many moving parts when it comes to optimising pre-existing or new product and category pages. In addition to writing first-rate copy, we account for meta-data, headings, link structure, alt-text, and much more. By tying these on-page SEO elements together through keyword research, our eCommerce optimisation techniques will directly improve your online visibility and sales.

Site speed is generally associated with user experience, but a slow-loading website also has massive implications for SEO. Especially since Google’s Core Web Vitals (CWV) update, Google will always reward a user-centric website in the rankings. Our SEO experts will help improve your website’s page speed, load time, and responsiveness.

Given that mobile commerce currently accounts for 60% of total retail sales in the UK, mobile SEO now occupies its own distinct world. Google’s mobile-first search index also means the mobile version of your site is the primary indicator for your page’s ranking. From designing mobile-friendly information architecture to improving mobile load speed, we will ensure you profit from the rise of m-commerce.

The Results Speak for Themselves…

Across all our SEO clients over the last 12 months, our strategies have yielded the following results:


Av. Increase in
Organic Revenue


Av. Increase in


Av. Increase in
Organic Keywords


Av. Increase in
Organic Traffic

Frequently Asked Questions About Our eCommerce SEO Services


SEO is often mistakenly overlooked as a way to significantly increase ROI, mainly because it takes time and effort. The eCommerce industry is centred around immediate gratification, a desire that has created a reliance on the short-term ROI of paid ads. Many of your competitors will be falling into this trap.

Over two-thirds of all clicks on SERPs go to the top five organic results. Thus, ranking high for the right keyword will attract a continuous stream of ready-to-buy customers. Although PPC campaigns are an effective way to drive online sales, they should be used in tandem with data-driven SEO strategies.

There are many moving parts to SEO. The most effective SEO strategies account for all of them. Your approach to keyword research, link building, content marketing etc. must work in harmony to not simply generate traffic, but target buying customers. This is the organic traffic that is most valuable to your business. Contact us and we will identify, engage, and expand your target audience.

Most SEO experts say that it will take around 6 months to see changes in average traffic and associated leads. The full results of an effective SEO strategy will likely be visible after around 12 months. If an eCommerce SEO agency promises a far shorter time period, they are selling a pipedream. Although it is a lengthy and ongoing process, SEO will provide long-term value to your business and a continuous source of revenue.

On-page SEO is the practice of optimising the elements present on a website, as opposed to the page ranking factors that occur outside of it (e.g. backlinks). This involves improving a website’s content, URL, images, speed, and many other elements that play a role in how the page is indexed and ranked by search engines.

Off-page SEO is the practice of optimising a website through measures taken outside the actual website. This involves link building, directory submission, social media engagement, and other activities that generate backlinks and increase brand awareness. By building links and improving the overall authority of your site, you will rank higher on SERPs.

Technical SEO is a subset of on-page SEO that deals with optimising a website’s technical aspects. In other words, the aspects that make it easier and faster for search engine bots to crawl and evaluate your site. This includes optimising a website’s code, structure, and server setup.

Local SEO is the process of optimising a website for local search results (e.g. plumbers near me). This can be achieved by managing your Google Business Profile, using location-specific keywords, and ensuring the business is listed in relevant directories and maps. A local strategy is important for any eCommerce business which has a physical location or serves a specific area, but its utility also extends beyond that.

40% of people begin their online shopping with a search engine. Our SEO audit can help you tap into and profit from this traffic.

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Our Other Services

UI/UX Audits

Your site’s overall usability and visual interface are the foundation of your online business. Poor UI/UX design will frustrate users, good UI/UX design will engage them. The goal is to pave a simple but slick path to purchase, and we will show you how. This will be key to improving your site’s conversion rate and turning visitors into buying customers.

PPC Audits

We run paid media campaigns across all major platforms, including Google Ads, Amazon Ads, and Facebook Ads. Using creative insight and intelligent PPC strategies, our campaigns will drive targeted traffic directly to your eCommerce store. In other words, ready-to-buy customers will be brought straight to your doorstep.