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An important metric, the abandonment rate can alert us of poor user experience (UX) or a broken sales funnel, where the customer journey could perhaps benefit from improvement(s) or re-design.

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Surveys, Research & Comparison

When customers drop out of completing a purchase, abandoning their shopping cart or due to click through, it is usually worthwhile investigating why. To calculate the shopping cart abandonment rate, we take the total number of completed sales and divide it by the total number of transactions initiated from that page.

An important metric, the abandonment rate can alert us of poor user experience (UX) or a broken sales funnel, where the customer journey could perhaps do with improvement(s) or re-design. To determine the sticking point, we can look at analytics data and identify precisely where customers are dropping out. Additionally, surveys, research and comparisons to competing sites might provide further clues.

Years of Industry Experience

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Diagnostic Testing

A-B testing allows us to solve checkout problems and improve page performance. Also known as split testingor bucket testing, we compare current page performance with a new version. Judiciously implemented variations in headlines, captions, style and colour, navigation buttons, social media sharing, testimonials, email sign-up or other elements can help to boost the proportion of successful sale transactions.

Common causes of cart abandonment include:


Sometimes, online shoppers have a relatively short attention span. In contrast, straightforward checkout processes tend to improve uptake.

Lack of Trust

 Caution and discomfort with providing credit card details might be problematic. In response, aim to build trust through excellent credentials, brand reputation and social media. Also, generous returns or cancellation policies help.


Overpricing might mean visitors leave and shop around. If so, consider offering special discounts and coupon codes

Payment Methods

 Offering customers a choice of popular means of payment will help; consider the target audience.

Technical Problems

Minimise issues by monitoring analytics, reviewing the checkout process regularly and ensuring transaction pages function optimally, without delays in loading.

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