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Through compelling content, careful account curation and selected paid advertising, it is possible to reach widely and boost conversion rates

Social Media Ads
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Connect With Your Brand

Social Media Ads are all about connecting your brand with customers. They are unique in generating immediate results by using compelling content and innovative account curation to turn more conversions into customers. Trafiki’s expert Social Media team will work with your in-house team to create outstanding ads that will maximse your sales potential and increase your revenue. Our team of driven, focused and talented advertisers know how to reach your target audience and boost your conversion rates. Let’s work together and help your business flourish.

Every platform is different – find which one works best for you.

Each social media platform is different. LinkedIn is a hub for talented, business-oriented professionals. Visual oriented Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok rely on eye-catching graphics, short video content and snappy brand messaging. Pinterest has a firm retail focus, whilst Facebook continues to remain universally popular for B2B (wholesale) ads and B2C (retail) ads. Choosing the right platform for your ads is imperative to the success of your campaign.

Your Target Demographic

Alternatively, you may choose to focus your advertising around your target demographic. Snapchat and Tiktok are dynamic, popular platforms for Gen Z audiences, lending themselves to raising brand awareness through high impact promotions. Similarly, statistics show that YouTube generates unsurpassed levels of audience engagement for video content. YouTube ads are far more cost-effective than television advertising due to the demand (and success in achieving) on-demand viewers.

Let us do what we do best, so you can do what you do best.

The Trafiki team specialises in advising, creating and optimising social networks for your business. We identify and capitalise on current social media trends in order to ensure your business engages with contemporary audiences. We’ll assign a talent specialist to your account to formulate an effective advertising strategy that aims to increase leads and transform conversions into customers. Our team will monitor site visitor activity daily whilst reviewing and launching new and improved advertising uniquely tailored to your campaign. We will then create thorough, coherent reports to keep you informed.

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